Updated: Apr 18

Jaded and bored I went out for a stroll Lingering, here and there, I stared Under heaven full of silent stars At the road, the light flashed by speeding cars. Then those moon tides called my attention As if they rose with an intention Walking by the sea shore at night The moonglade on water gave me delight Bestowed with the beauty of universe, as white as snow The moon’s reflection made those tides rise and bow.. Gladdened I kept sauntering Water lapping, whales singing And thy poet humming “Walking miles thy, under starry sky.” The moonwake followed me like shadow Then noise suddenly rising to crescendo The high waves , me , repulsed Prompting me to return Walking back to my place, This brief encounter with moonwake Filled me with agility ; giving Me rare moments of peaceful tranquillity…


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