Mindfulness and Mental Health

Did you know that almost two in ten Americans suffer from depression, anxiety disorder?

A simple change in lifestyle can lead to improved mental health and total wellbeing.

Mindfulness is one such ritual -- supporting it's usefulness for those suffering from anxiety, stress etc. Mindfulness meditation is a trending word these days and one can practice this at home.

Practicing mindfulness meditation everyday can increase awareness of the present moment with an attitude of equanimity.

Components of Mindfulness

  • Awareness :- It allows you to observe emotions, anxieties, self talks etc. You can be more flexible in your response.

  • Accepting attitude :- You start accepting your attitude be it good or bad. It allows you to accept whatever arises, rather than trying to suppress it.

How Mindfulness Helps Reduce Stress

The term "mindfulness" is a buzz today and becomes a commonplace as a part of mental health treatment.

Practicing Mindfulness involves breathing techniques, guided imagery and other methods to relax the body and mind.

Top Benefits of Mindfulness

  • It can help manage stress. Mindfulness provides "mental armour" during stressful situation.

  • It can decrease physical pain and reduces anger.

  • Boost your self esteem and confidence.

  • It can change your brain. Mindfulness increase the cortical thickness in brain and in the left hippocampus which assists in learning, memory in those who meditate

Stay safe ♥️

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