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Updated: Apr 18

We used to eat something in every 2 to 3 hour,but we are unable to recall that what we are eating,because we are not eating our food consciously.

According,to many studies it has been shown that due to not having food consciously people are leading towards obesity or many other dangerous health care issues.

Mindful eating

"When we are having our food we should eat that very consciously without getting involve into any other activity"

What is mindful eating?

Mindfulness means focusing on the present movement acknowledging your present

feeling and emotions.This technique can also be used in food eating ,while having our food we should be consciously eating the food and chew it just indulge into the process of eating it and have it properly.

Here is Process how you can start your mindful eating journey

1. Shopping list: When you are buying something make sure it would have nutritional value,instead of having processed food you should try to fill your cart with healthy and simple food.

2. Eat when you have a appetite: People sometimes eat because they are in a habit of eating not because they feel appetite , due to which they never enjoy the food.so instead of emotional hunger eat only when you need to be.

3. Start with small portion: Don't ever make your eating table a wedding table because that will confuse your mind and you won't be able to have the food mindfully.Don't confuse yourself with tons of food item and try to eat in small size plates.

4. Bring all senses to meal: When you are eating just focus on that completely every bite you took enjoy that thing and then slowly you will see that you are enjoying your meal.

5. Take small bites: Try to take small bites ,it is easier for you to enjoy the meal when your mouth is not full.

6. Chew 32 times: In India it is said that chewing your food at-least 32 times will make your digestion faster and you will not face any digestion problems,you can even loose your fat just by chewing properly.

7. Drink food ,Eat water: Its is said that when we need to chew food like this that it will completely turn into liquid in this way our stomach will not require much effort to digest our food.

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