Meditation: Train Your Brain

Your mind can be your biggest asset or enemy. Our mind is a hub of different thoughts like, " I'm not good at meditation," or " I can't do it" and many other thoughts and stopping you from achieving your goals. Like a river, they will continue flowing if you don't try to stop them.

Welcome to the human mind. It's amazing in terms novel ideas, imagining futures, finding solutions etc. If you want to get unstuck again or unravel from your mind, you need to learn how to notice thoughts without getting caught.

Unravel Your Mind

I offer technique to disentangle from thoughts and allow a new sense of functional symphony to empower you to pursue your goals and live a life peacefully.

  • The first step is to become conscious of your thought process and jot down your thoughts that emerge when you give your mind free reign for one minute.

  • Second step, repeat this exercise for one minute, but this time try to evaluate if a thought is true, or appropriate. Judge and criticize.

  • Lastly, repeat this exercise for one more minute, but now imagine that your thoughts are like the voices of first graders.

This exercise gives you a insight into the real life practices of getting unstuck from your mind. Just accept your chaotic thinking and deal with curiosity and amusement.

Meditation: Train Your Brain!

Most of the time we find it hard to focus and concentrate. The daily hassles of keeping up with studies or the stressful nights staying up and doing projects all cause us to have more anxiety.

But, how can you train your brain? The answer is, meditation.

Researchers from Havard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital found that there is a substantial increase in cortical thickness and in the left hippocampus which assists in learning, memory in those who meditate.

Meditation Guide

Those who are greenhorn to mediation, follow these step-by-step guide. Meditation is simple and comes easily with practice.

  • Find a comfortable environment where you can meditate without disruption.

  • Sit on the floor and back straight.

  • Close your eyes and relax.

  • Become conscious of your breath. Focus on the breath as you inhale and exhale deeply.

  • Whenever you find yourself drifting away, return and focus your breath.

  • Chant a mantra "Om" and maintain focus.

  • Practice everyday and you get the result.

Stay Safe ♥️

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