Updated: Apr 18

If I'd have a Daughter ,

Her I won't slaughter

Bestowing her a new life ,

Which would be a roller coaster ride .

Her entry would be grand ,

She like a wall would stand

Tall; amidst the myths and gust ,

Fetters she would break and bust.

She would be generous, glorious and stupendous

But for hypocrites , villainous and rebellious.

Boulversement of societal and patriarchal norms ,

Damning the gender roles in all forms .

She would visit every mosque and temple ,

And every myth  would rub out

Effective as mother, daughter, sister

Not taking any more blister

She'd fight every sinister .

Manifestation of Durga and kali ,

Destroying existent devilry .

Slapping every eve teaser ,

Hanging every raper,

Resisting every man muscular .

Advocator of rights and veracity ,

Working as per her capacity

She would be free to choose her vocation ,

And would serve her progenitor with dedication .

Earsplitting ebulition of my message

For society in need of tutelage ,

It's my stick-to-itiveness

For a change there's readiness,

So that there's no scepticism and fallacy

We too will leave a legacy ,

Walking the lines of  Razia Sultan and Noor Jahan

And of  current heavyweights like Sindhu and  Mary Kom...

By posterity which would be remembered ,

Where no female infant would be abandoned

Or killed in spontaneity

By anyone for stability .

If I'd have a Daughter.

Her i wont slaughter !

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