How to start meditation in quarantine

Hello Meditator, so you must have clicked on this blog thinking that steps of meditation during quarantine or blah..blah, look all you have to remember is that if you want to start don't look here and there for 1000's of articles just sit for a while for 5 Minutes a day if you are not busy and if you are then sit for an hour.

So, all you have to keep in mind is that just start off by sitting somewhere in the peace, try to observe your mind like you are a second person who is observing your thoughts because meditation is all about self-awareness and consciousness if you want to learn more or get daily hits then catch us on Instagram because "WE CARE". Now, let us start off this blog: So you might have heard that meditation helps to reduce stress, anxiety and other mental as problems. That's Right!!:) Meditation helps you in long as well as short term benefits. But you must have also heard about that for meditation people used to left there homes and lifestyle to learn meditation. But don't worry you don't have to leave your spouse or workplace because you can't ;) Moreover all you have to do is just start your meditation journey.

How to Meditate(BASIC) : PS: NOT FOR EVERYONE 1. Sit on a Meditation chair or on the Yoga mat. 2. Silent Your Phone. (NO DISTRACTIONS). 3. Just Simply Focus on your Breath (Inhale and Exhale). 4. Try to inhale and Exhale for 60 Repetition. PRO TIPS MIGHT HELP YOU : 1. Don't get caught in How......(Just start): Many of my clients used to ask me what clothes they should wear or what Instruments they need or What time they should start. All I have to say is Just Start whenever you want because "MEDITATION IS NOT A TECHNIQUE BUT A LIFESTYLE". 2. Find Your community: If you want to be focused you have to be around people who are like you. Join a Group or Ask any of your friend or Spouse to start together.

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3. Smile: Smile after you your practice. Be thankful for everything. In the end, I would only say that Don't stick around with non-sense, be clear to yourself all you have to do is Just start of finding your PURPOSE. If you enjoyed this post, you may love Readtodigest (my free digest of the simplest productivity, psychology, and other posts ). Subscribe and acquire a free copy of my new ebook, “WHY EVERYTHING IS SIMPLE”. be a part of our mission to make a higher life. JOIN OUR COMMUNITY FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM.

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