Simple Ways to Make Yourself Happy Every Day

Updated: Apr 20

No pills and No mantra, these are science - backed ways to add more happiness in your life. These are simple techniques to try which will help to endure you some of life's most common errors and you will feel more happier and more appreciative and excited for each day.

Self development books will motivate you and lift your mood while you're reading, but the advice given in the book lacks brilliance or vitality. You try those new ideas for two or three days and leave it aside.

This article is packed with simple ways to beat stress and achieve your goals and feel good everyday.


Smiling Strategy :- The easiest way to feel amazing more of the time is simple. Just smile more. Whether you're walking around park or working in office greet others with smile because smiling makes you feel better. People reflect your behaviour back to you. Being nice to others can result in strong connections and broad network over time.

Why it works :- Researchers at the University of Kansas shows that those who smile when stressed have lower heart levels than those who didn't smile. Smiling reduces body response to stress and leads to longevity and trick your brain into happiness.


Red Triangle Technique :- Under Stress?

Close your eyes and visualise a Red Triangle in your mind and put you negative thoughts and fears inside it. Now, visualise the triangle is shrinking until its just a tiny particle of dust. Finally, inhale a deep breath in and, on a long exhale imagine blowing the dust particle away. This technique will help you to fight from stress.

Why it works :- When you're stressed, it's difficult to solve problem. So, when you accumulate your problems or source of stress and trying this technique you would get rid of stress.


Communication :- Having a harmonious relationship with friends will benefit you and vice versa. In India there's a phrase ( dukh baatne se kam hota hai ) means, Sadness reduces on sharing with others. Share your problems with friends, they will help you to get rid of these.

Why it works :- Compassionate communication prevents people becoming defensive. When you share your problems you will get different ideas to solve and enrich your friendship.


Wave Technique :- Close your eyes and imagine you're standing on a beach and feel stress are coming down to your feet. Now, the waves are washing your feet and stress are eliminating from your feet. This technique will help you to be active and energetic.

Why it works :- Doing this will eliminate stress from your body and allow you to be open to new opportunities and let go of what doesn't serve your interest.

Stay Safe ♥️

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