Education Polishes the surface Meditation Polishes the core

While having a conversation with my co-founder & great friend Sourabh Chhetri, we both have realised that there are lots and lots of problems going around. Whether it's a Mental Breakdowns, Depression or maybe Financial ups and downs.

Whatever the man shows don't believe because at the end of the day we all try to present the best not the real(US) and that thing leads us to suffer a lot because During my 16'ens I was going through several mental problems and by the time I realised that it's all because of just "SHOWCASING". If you will see around you will observe that Education might have changed our civilization but in the deeper levels you will see that Basic foundation or the root's of every human being is Broken they are not so strong. That is why if you will see that nearly 37% of crimes are done by the most educated people around us, it does not mean that there is a problem in education, it just means that Education is not enough for the Civilization. And that's where the Meditation comes to help you and develop a Great foundation within yourself. Meditation is a Great Teacher, it softens a person from within. It is a cleansing crucible fire that works slowly but gives you great results. Meditation helps you to be self-aware about yourself.

Don't just be a superficial guy, Be & live with some principles and morals in your life don't compromise with your values, your actions for any godamn thing in your life.

Meditation will help you to Build your roots strong, but it does not mean that problems will never come, you will never feel sad or you will never feel any emotions it just that never ignore these feelings just live fully.

Be Gentle, Be kind all you have to do is Live fully and Be fully :)

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