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With the vacations often come a bundle of stress triggers that can deduct from the festivity of the season and during the time of corona there is a high chance of getting into anxiety. Being with family and friends is great, but sometimes extra tasks and pressures create situations that are but fun and definitely not festive. Long-term family patterns may show up replete with buttons often pushed at the dining table after too many glasses of bubbly.

If you operate a business that provides holiday products, stress can reach even more elevated levels. Whatever form it takes, the strain and tension of being overloaded may get up and ruin the vacations.

How can we affect stress and put the enjoyment back to the season?

Try these seven steps supported the chakra system beginning with the Crown chakra and taking place to the root or first chakra. They will uplift our spirits and help us avoid emotional reactions once we might be having fun. We hope they resonate with you!

Set Intention (Crown): Decide beforehand how you want your holiday experience to be. Use ideas like — peaceful, meaningful, relaxing, fun. Whatever words you come up with, form an easy mantra or affirmation to stay in your awareness. Remember the three aspects of affirmations: positive, present tense, repetition.

An example is 'l am peaceful and relaxed' or say whatever you would like to remind yourself of when a situation becomes tense. Repeat often.

Visualize (Third Eye, Mind): Use mental images to picture how you'd wish to see the vacations unfold. You'll imagine your home beautifully decorated with relations happily enjoying home-cooked meals and conversing in pleasant tones. Do not forget to picture yourself getting to tasks with relaxed ease. You may focus on the deeper meaning of the vacation and particularly the fellowship of gathering alongside family and friends.

Communicate (Throat): Ask relations and friends and make plans so most are on the same page. Get input and add your own ideas. Share the tasks and planning so it is not all on one person's shoulders. If past holidays were over-whelming, try simplifying. Consider a potluck rather than one person doing all the cooking. You would possibly want to feature the element of giving back to those less fortunate which can make your holidays more meaningful.

Collaborate (Heart): Invite family and friends to participate in your festivities. Work and play together and luxuriate in each company. Remember the love that brought you together within the first place and take care to not let stress or emotions trigger unnecessary reactions.

Express gratitude in a random way and you'll find it returned to you. Minimize gossip and politics. It's often best to avoid conversations that cause conflict. Remember unconditional


Take Action (Solar Plexus): If you're hosting a gathering, let yourself enjoy the activities and tasks involved. Enlist close friends or family members to help with preparation and logistics. If you're attending other people's events, help within the kitchen and contribute to the workload. Play holiday music to lift your spirit. Take time for yoga or stretching to release pent-up energy so you've got the vitality needed to hold out your tasks.

Enjoy and Play (Sacral): Remember the rationale for the season and even within the midst of all you're doing, make certain to let yourself feel passion and joy for the blessings in your life. Many of us have much less in life and still manage to stay smiling. In fact, an honest laugh is usually so as, even when mishaps occur. Especially turn your enthusiasm toward your elders or those suffering or in need. This time is ideal to succeed in out to others who can use a physical or spiritual boost.

Grounding (Root): This level is where you're taking care of the fundamentals, the small print, and everyone that's necessary to manifest what you would like. It is also where you can connect with the world and honor all it provides for your physical needs. Be specific and check off the tasks on your list so you are feeling you've got accomplished what must be done. You'll want to ground out by walking in nature or sitting quietly. Remember inner peace is usually available even within the midst of chaos.

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