The 2017 Oscars were ... stunning. Celebrity central mold, in the mean time, was ... fine. That all changed at the Vanity Reasonable after gathering, where stars can relax and change into substantially more energizing outfits.
1. Viola Davis : 
This white pantsuit, combined with a merited Oscar and stage oxfords, was perfect.

2. Kelly Ripa : 
Kelly Ripa, incomprehensibly, changed out of her butterfly-theme princess dress. Her pared-down pantsuit was a rich advancement.
3. Emma Stone : 
This look was flawless, just like the blue ACLU strip. Keep it on throughout the night next time, Emma.
4. Thandie Newton :
Thandie didn't even bother to attend the Oscars but this metallic look fucking swept them all.
5. Catherine O'Hara :
In like manner, I am living for this traveler gathering on the Pride of Canada, Catherine O'Hara.

6. Rooney Mara: 
I cherish how toast of Hollywood and ├╝ber-fruitful on-screen character Rooney Mara dependably resembles a trembling grovel on celebrity lane. This unbalanced ivory dress was fragile and excellent.
 Rooney Mara:
 Rooney Mara 

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