Zafarrancho of battle against the intrusion of the Argentine parrots

Zafarrancho of battle against the intrusion of the Argentine parrots
Zafarrancho of battle against the intrusion of the Argentine parrots

  • Half of the 27,000 examples of this obtrusive species enlisted in Spain live in Madrid 
  • Boadilla del Monte turns into the primary region to dispatch a crusade to catch them with systems in limited spaces 
Keep in mind in full gatherings of San Cayetano, San Lorenzo and La Paloma the colloquialism that anxieties that 'from Madrid to paradise' is an easy decision. Particularly on the off chance that you think about some winged creatures, green, extremely loud and flying consistently our region. Madrileños all things considered, since eras have been conceived in El Foro, they have turned into the leaders of the most delightful sky .We allude to the mainstream Argentine parrots (they are really two species: Argentina and Kramer), obtrusive species whose half of the 27,000 examples enlisted in Spain, live in the locale, as indicated by the most recent statistics led by the Spanish Society of Ornithology, Website optimization/Birdlife.Between 6,300 and 7,200 parrots live in the 2,200 homes they have worked in Madrid. To state this of an animal groups with high limit of removal and high birth rate is very little, since those that are in Quinta del Berro tomorrow can settle in Getafe and those of the Recreation center of the West end in Boadilla del Monte.It is in this region close to the capital where an operation is done to decrease the number of inhabitants in parrots, that other than harms to the common habitat, make issues the neighbors . As per the Boadillan City Board, "the issues produced by this species are identified with the dislodging of local creatures, and in addition making uneasiness the neighbors and harm to the trees, slicing the branches to make settles and devour their episodes, touching base To dry them in a few events "."We have been expelling homes since 2011 and we have seen that, a long way from being wiped out, the issue endures, so we chose to begin a more dynamic battle, for which we solicited authorization from the Group from Madrid to decrease the number of inhabitants in grown-up examples ," clarifies Antonio González Terol, chairman of Boadilla del Monte.The exhibitions occur in the surroundings of the Infante Wear Luis Royal residence , the most meaningful working of the town. Especially in its plentiful garden space. "We began this spearheading activity in the decrease and control of the Argentine parrots on August 4. It was begun with the lure and when the experts checked that the parrots went to eat, the nets were tossed on August 18, 19 and 20 "Says González Terol.The purpose behind this drawn out stretch of time is to get the flying creatures to nourish to the sustenance stored in the dirt, sunflower pipe and corn, and not to stress. "The work was done in a restricted region where there is no person on foot activity , from 6:30 to 9:30, in light of the fact that it has been demonstrated that it is the time when more fowls come to eat," closes the leader of Boadilla.

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